Pedagogy, artistry, and advocacy are the three pillars that the Educational Theatre Graduate Program at City College of New York believe make students effective teachers.  I have always loved sharing and learning in an artistic environment, but City College gave me the tools to feel grounded within the classroom.  As I prepare to graduate May 2015, I am grateful for this program's commitment in providing me with a strong pedagogical background that is supported by my love for my artistry that is worthy in being shared with peers, professors, administrators, and students. 


Here are a few moments of my time at CCNY. #CCNYPREPARES

 Workshop with Cecily O'Neill, CCNY 2014

Process Drama about turning old plantation homes in the South into possible museums.  This line of students are relatives of plantation owners who share their reservations and hopes about the possibility of having their homes be used for "commercial" purposes.

Workshop exploring bullying with pioneer, Jonathan Neelands, CCNY, 2013

Grandma's Footsteps - Workshop with Jonathan Neelands, CCNY, 2013

Reading ethnodrama at CCNY's Artistic Share, 2013

Meeting Tectonic Theater member, Amanda Gronich who prepared us for our Research, CCNY 2014

Research group meets with Nalaja Sun, author of No Child...

Creating Baby Theatre, CCNY 2015

We had a short time to research what a young child, between 6 months to 1 1/2 years old might find interesting in theatre.  We decided to work with touch and sound through discovery.